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About Wonder Eco

We’ve developed the Wonder Eco Range to help you reduce your overall carbon footprint and landfill wastage all the while ensuring that your child is still dry and comfortable.

5.6 million disposable nappies are used by Australians each day. This amounts to 2 billion disposable nappies that go into landfills each year.¹

We have increased the biodegradable components in each nappy so less harmful material go into our landfills – while keeping the same exceptional anti-leakage performance.

Based on the avg. nappy weight (Inc. packaging) we’ve increased the eco-friendly components of our standard nappy by 242% in comparison to our other nappies.

We have also improved our baby wipes formulation and used a different manufacturing method that uses less water than previous manufacturing methods.

Wonder Eco Nappies

• The wood fluff is sustainably sourced from FSC certified FSC certified sustainably sourced wood fluff

• We've introduced the use of cornstarch based biodegradable plastics into our nappy back sheet & our packaging.

Wonder Eco Baby Wipes

• Wonder Eco Baby Wipes are made using natural plant fibres using Airlaid Nonwoven Substrates that use substantially less water than the normal wipe manufacturing methods.

• Biodegradable wipes perform the same functions and have the same appearance, but they’re made of natural fibres that break down in a matter of weeks, so they won’t take up space in a landfill.


¹ - https://www.parliament.vic.gov.au/images/stories/committees/SCEP/Recycling_and_Waste_Mgmt/S210_-_David_Bernadine_Charles_Redacted.pdf